What do you have? If your answer is "I have nothing and nobody", then you are already a failure. This is the mentality of unsuccessful people. They normally say I have no one in life, I have nothing to start with, I don't know anyone who can help me. They continue, "only if I had money, only if I had children, only if I had husband, only if I had a beautiful wife, only if I were American or of another nationality". These are all songs of frustration.
Moses was educated in all wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action. Egypt at that time was one of the most civilized countries on earth and to be educated in the house of the king will be equivalent to studying in one of the best universities on earth today. At 40 year old Moses was at the best form of his career Acts 7:23-29.
All of a sudden he had to flee from the king's house, from the capital of civilization and found himself in a much smaller place, a village if compared to where he was earlier. All hope gone, future life wrecked and frustration high. He lived in such a state of “going no where” for 40 more years. Many people can not bear such a fall. Many find themselves in mental hospital if things go the other way than expected. What I like about Moses was that he found something to do. He became a shepherd, something he had never done before. He was never trained to become a shepherd since all shepherds were detestable to the Egyptians Gen. 46:34. A successful man is the one who can fit himself in all conditions to come out of difficulties. He could have refused this job because it was either too low for him or he was not fit for that.

“It is not what happened to you that is important but how you react to what happened to you”

When God appeared to Moses, Moses still had the thought most of us have when we lost a great opportunity in life. Probably he was also thinking that the best days of his life was gone. He was 80 years old, now a shepherd and a husband with unpredictable future for his family. He never thought he would be in such a situation for so long. Now his thoughts are “ I am too old, life is coming to an end, never will I rise up again.” We can understand his thoughts because of his conversations with God in Ex.3:11-22 and 4:1- 4. God said one thing and Moses said another thing. God was trying to bring his thoughts back to victory but to have a 40 years thinking of impossibilities takes only the love, Mercy and power of God to deliver you. One of the greatest deliverances we can ever have is the deliverance of our thought from dead works and beliefs.
Then God asked him this question. What is that in your hand? Obviously Moses had not thought of the importance of what he had. Most of us think of what we don’t have than what we have. This tells me that

God begins with what you have than what you don’t have.

Many say that God created the world with nothing but we forget that He had the Word with Him from the very beginning. Jn 1:1 says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. God concentrated on what He had than what He did not have.
As the year begins let’s start and thank God for what we have than what we don’t have. It is the same principle Elisha asked the widow: what do you have? There is something in you and something you have but you might have ignored it for a long time. May the Lord remind you of what He has given to you so that out of it miracles and signs will flow for the rest of your life. My conclusion for you all is that better days are yet to come. God bless you and happy new year.